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If you are like many people, roofing might not seem like it's the most interesting part of your home - but, like the tires on your car, it has to perform well under extreme conditions. 
Your roof spends the summer's sizzling temperatures of 150 degrees and then the freezing winters fighting back ice dams that can push water up higher under the roof tiles and into walls and ceilings. 

rmadillo expertly installs roofing products to protect your home from these damaging harsh elements. Quality roofing materials and our quality workmanship will protect all you have invested in your home.

The type of roofing material used on a new roof depends on the slope or pitch of the roof. A residence with a roof pitch of 5 or greater, which most homes are, we use asphalt shingles in either the 3-tab or architectural styles. These are fiberglass blended, and carry a 20, 25, or 30 year warranty. 

We are installers of: Certainteed, Elk / Gaf, Owens Corning and Tamko roofing products.  (click name to visit mfg. sites)

If the roof pitch is between 2 and 5, we can still use asphalt shingles, but it requires 100% coverage of “Ice & Water Shield” underlayment. If the roof pitch is a 2 or lower, we consider those “Flat Roofing”, and feel that would be more the specialty of a commercial flat roofing company. They would
use either rubber membrane, or tar & gravel application.


Warning signs that your roof may need replacement.

1.  Water stains on ceilings 
      or walls. 
2.  Mold or mildew in your attic. 
3.  Curling or missing shingles 
     on your roof. 
4.   Finding shingles or fragments
      of roofing on your lawn. 
5.   Rotted or damp wood in 
      your attic. 
6.   If your roof is more than 18
      years old.

What is Ice and Water Shield? (Pictured above) It is  an underlayment product used by roofers to protect homes from ice dam problems. These are tar-backed, rubber fronted 3’ rolls, that are applied directly to the lower edges, valleys, chimney and skylight flashing areas of roofs. We recommend to customers, 6’ of Ice  and Water Shield coverage on all lower edges, as opposed to 3 feet. Ice dam water problems are much more likely on roofs with just 3 feet of coverage. Some building codes require 6' of  coverage.

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